The Sharlie Cheen Bar

"...the trick to avoid hangovers is to stay drunk..."

Dear friends of a good drinking culture,
Where people with good taste meet in the heat of the night, the Rosenthaler Platz, we cherish the memory of a fictitious playboy, Sharlie Cheen, wo lived sometime in the year 1915, somewhere in Europe. The diary of this man, who was devoted to alcohol, serves as bar menu for anyone who decided to spend their evening with us. 
The ingredients are homemade, the spirits are of high quality, shakers fly over the bar, spoons seem to stir automatically and dozens of bottles are emptied every day. Our team is young and passionately works on the intoxication of our guests.

Emi Wynehouse Pop-up Bar

".. from 01.08.19 to 31.08.2020 there is the small pop-up bar on the Torstraße with even more drinks and reasons for drinking..."

The Torstraße is located not far from the origin of the small but prominent Emi Wynehouse Pop-Up Bar. The team around the Sharlie Cheen Bar has created another location for cocktail lovers in Berlin Mitte with the Emi Wynehouse.

Together with various artist collectives, like the Klebebande is again plenty of highball drinks in a trendy, colorful but comfortable bar atmosphere.

Emi Wynehouse Pop-up Bar
Torstraße 68
10119 Berlin

The Team

Hes Bartender Marius Döring


"...we have build a good team base in the past four years. The bar menu, the production of ingredients and the customer service are frequently further developed by the whole team. The boys can be a bit crazy but I think that's what makes us special."

Highball Taste-thing

"...when life gives you lemons, it's to to open the gin..."

We offer a "guided drinking" by our charming bar team with drinks and booze which is normaly not included on our menu. Classics are newly interpreted as "highballs", varieties of gin and tonic are tested or evenings are dedicated to other myths. One thing is for sure: no one is staying sober. 

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Sharlie Cheen Bar Berlin

directly located at Rosenthaler Platz

Brunnenstraße 196
10119 Berlin

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